Paving the Way Conference

Medical interpreters benefit from discussing the challenges of their daily work, as well as the range of linguistic and cultural issues affecting the field. Paving the Way to Health Care Access, two days of educational conference, sponsored by UMass Medical School's MassAHEC Network, provides this opportunity.

This continuing education event is open to those who have previously attended our medical interpreter training programs and those who work with medical interpreters:

  • Medical interpreters
  • Interpreter managers and coordinators
  • Members of the health care team working with interpreters

Participants choose from different workshops, each of which provides opportunities to explore specific topics and improve knowledge and skills.

Paving the Way to Health Care Access Conference 2019 Sponsors

Interpreters and Translators Inc​    Interpreters and Translators, Inc.  - Platinum Sponsor      



New England Regional Genetics Network     New England Regional Genetics Network - Platinum Sponsor


Cross Cultural Communications Systems IncCross Cultural Communications Systems, Inc. - Gold Sponsor


ID-QUEUE LLC.   ID-QUEUE, LLC. - Gold Sponsor


Silver and Bronze Sponsors:

Benoit Language Services, Inc.

Boston University Medical Interpreter Program

Center for Health Impact

Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI)

International Translation Company

Language Bank/Ascentria Care Alliance

Language Connections

LanguageLine Solutions


UMass Amherst / University Without Walls

United Language Group

2019 Tony Winsor Award Recepient - Vonesse Costa

Paving the Way to Health Care 2019 - Workshop Presentations

An interpreter, a psychiatrist and a social worker go into a bar…. How do you interpret this?Change Management: Implementing and Improving Workflow Management ProcessDeveloping a Character Strengths Language/Perspective  to Manage Burnout and Compassion FatigueDiabetes 101: An Overview of Diabetes and its ManagementEveryday Challenges for Healthcare Interpreters; Interpreting for Gender and Sexual MinoritiesKeynote Speaker - How Interpreters Construct MessagesMad Skills: Handy Tools and Techniques to Strengthen your Sight Translation and Consecutive Interpreting PerformanceManaging the Flow of Communication to Reduce Interpreter Fatigue; Note Taking for Healthcare InterpretersPosition Yourself to Be Successful as a Prospective or New Medical InterpretersPromoting Health Equity in Healthcare through Cultural HumilityResume Building for Professionals in the Interpreting FieldSight TranslationTerminology Research for Portuguese InterpretersThe Interpreter AmbassadorVicarious Trauma, Self-Care, and Demand-Control Schema: What do they have in common?When and How to Intervene as an Interpreter; Informed Consent - A Patient Right and Responsibility; Navigating the Link Between Cultural Competence


Paving the Way to Health Care Access Conference 2018 Sponsors

Platinum and Gold Sponsors:

Interpreters and Translators, Inc.

Cross Cultural Communications Systems, Inc.

Instant Expert/MondoLingo


Silver and Bronze Sponsors:

Ascentria Care Alliance/Language Bank

Center for Health Impact

Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI)

ID-Queue LLC

Language Connections

MAPA Tanslations

Benoit Language Services, Inc.

Boston University Medical Interpreter Program

Edward M. Kennedy Health Center

International Translation Company

Language Line Solutions


UMass Amherst

2018 Tony Winsor Award Recipient - Joy Connell

Paving the Way to Health Care 2018 - Workshop Presentations

Aligning Popoulation Health and System Transformation through a Focus on Data, Determinants, and Disparities, Bridging the Divide: Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution in the Interpreter's Workplace, Cultural Brokering, Mastering Simultaneous Interpreting in Healthcare Settings, Learn about MassHealth from Eligibility to Health Plan, How Interpreters Can Work Effectively with Gender and Sexual Minorities, Understanding the Cultural Differences and Using this Knowledge Interpreting for the Aging LEP Population in the Nursing Home EnvironmentHow Medical Interpreters Weave Change into the Cultural Fabric of a Hospital, Skill Based Training: Chinese-English Consecutive Interpretation, Advanced Spanish Interpretation Challenges: Skill Based Training through Role Play: Spanish-English and English-Spanish Consecutive Interpretation, Diversity for Interpreters, Tai Chi for the Medical Interpreter: A Gentle Way to Fight the Emotional Rollercoaster, Advanced Arabic Interpretation Challenges: Skill Based Training through Role Play: Arabic-English and English-Arabic Consecutive Interpretation


Paving the Way to Health Care 2017 - Workshop Presentations

Chinese Consecutive Interpretation, Grey Areas: Decision Making in the Field, HIV 101 for Interpreters, How to Collaborate with Mental Health Providers, Interpreting for Gender and Sexual Minorities, MassHealth Program Overview, Breath In, Breath Out: Mindfulness Fundamentals, Neuropsychology Testing, Rounding the Bends of Your Boundries, Sight Translation, The Essential Role of an Interpreter, The Language of Silence, US Dental Literacy, Where is the Line and How Do I Draw It?, The Professional Interpreter in a Bilingual Dental Setting

Paving the Way to Health Care 2016 - Workshop Presentations

Can you Speak Dental!, Embark on a Journey to Become an Exceptional Interpreter with Native Proficiency, Everyone Plays a Role in the Education of Clinical Trials, Clinical Trail handout, How to Interpret about Sexual Topics, Here is another "ism" - Understanding & Dealing with Regionalisms, "Ism" handouts,  Medical Interpretation in Psychotherapy, Organ Donation: Honoring Generosity & Saving Lives, Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors in Immigrant Communties, The Business of Language Interpretation & Translation, Video Interpretation Best Practices, You are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention, Zika Virus      

Archive of Speakers

Since 2005, this annual conference has featured specific topics related to health disparities, language access, and the quality of care delivered to a diverse population.


Quote from 2019 Conference Participants

"This was my first experience attending the Paving the Way to Health Care Conference and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I am looking forward to attending next year."

" Excellent!  I enjoyed the workshops very much!  the presenters at each workshop I attended were competent and very knowledgement of the topic."

"Well organized and great presenters."

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