About Us

Massachusetts Medical Interpreter Training, part of UMass Chan Medical School’s MassAHEC Network, collaborates closely with the Medical School’s MassAHEC Network Centers to offer interpreter training throughout Massachusetts and in other states. We are the only organization in Massachusetts providing medical interpreter training statewide, with a focus on the state’s Medicaid (MassHealth) providers and community-based organizations.

We have designed our training programs to accommodate the needs of all levels of multilingual learners. The programs are particularly well suited to training current bilingual health care staff to become highly effective medical interpreters. These dual-role employees become a greater asset to their workplaces and find interpreter training to be a stepping stone in their career development.

Pioneering statewide training for medical interpreters 

Our program began as a result of a request from the Massachusetts Medicaid program (MassHealth) more than a decade ago. MassHealth’s providers were looking for a way to enhance their ability to care for patients not fluent in English.

In response, we created the infrastructure for a statewide medical interpreter training program and developed curriculum designed to provide bilingual employees who were already working in health care settings with the training to become skilled medical interpreters. This initial effort grew gradually to become the larger and more comprehensive Massachusetts Medical Interpreter Training program.

Re-launched in 2008, our updated 60-hour Fundamentals of Medical Interpreting course was  endorsed and used by the former Massachusetts Medical Interpreter Association (now the International Medical Interpreters Association) and recently reviewed by the Standards, Training, and Certification Committee of the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care.

When the curriculum was initially disseminated, training medical interpreters was a new concept, and state funding helped subsidize the cost. Today, UMass Medical School continues to offer a steep discount for a limited number of employees of MassHealth providers who take the 60-hour Fundamentals of Medical Interpreting course.

Offering exceptional staff and resources

Our association with UMass Chan Medical School enhances the training programs offered through Massachusetts Medical Interpreter Training. For example, the anatomy and physiology component was reviewed by UMass Chan Medical School physicians, nurses, and therapists, and is taught by skilled clinicians.

Our team includes experienced interpreters and medical professionals, many of whom have been involved with our medical interpreter training programs since their inception.

 In addition to expertise in language, medical terminology, and culture, trainers at Massachusetts Medical Interpreter Training are

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