Paving the Way to Health Care Access Conference

With the rise of artificial intelligence and an increase in refugees and immigrants to the United States, now—more than ever—we need to embrace and fortify communication for those who have limited English proficiency. The medical encounter can be simple or complex; with proper communication from a certified and qualified medical interpreter, the patient can communicate their clinical concerns, understand the clinical professional, and raise all concerns. Whether the medical interpretation is delivered in person or remotely, the human element can and will be present. 

This continuing education event is open to those who have previously attended our medical interpreter training programs and those who work with medical interpreters:

  • Medical interpreters
  • Interpreter managers and coordinators
  • Members of the health care team working with interpreters

Participants can choose from different workshops, each of which provides opportunities to explore specific topics and improve knowledge and skills. 

Paving the Way to Health Care Access is recognized nationwide as one of the premier educational and networking events for the medical interpreter community! Interpreters, trainers, hospital administrators, program coordinators, industry leaders, and healthcare providers from New England and across the country gather for two days to share their knowledge and experience in skills development focused on both medical and behavioral health. They also discuss how federal healthcare reform, The Joint Commission standards, and other policy changes affect healthcare language services and the field of healthcare interpreting. 

The conference emphasizes the importance of trained medical interpreters as facilitators of clear communication in a patient-centered healthcare system. The Paving the Way to Health Care Access Conference supports the professional goals of interpreters and offers continued education credits. 

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Supported by MassHealth and ForHealth Consulting at UMass Chan Medical School.
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