Medical interpreters — and those who are training to become interpreters — can benefit from the wealth of information available from organizations across the nation. 

Cross Cultural Awareness

Health Care Interpreter Associations

Interpreter Standards of Practice

  • American Society for Testing and Materials — Standard Guide for Language Interpretation Services 
  • California Health Care Interpreter Association (CHIA) 
  • Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • National Council on Interpreting in Health Care 
  • National Standards for Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Services in Health Care
  • Providing Language Interpretation Services in State and Local Health-Related Benefits Offices: Examples from the Field 
  • International Medical Interpreter Association 

Legal and Regulatory Issues — State

  • Health Care Interpreters: Are They Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse? 
  • Massachusetts Emergency Room Interpreter Bill 
  • Oregon Law regarding Interpreter Services
  • Summary of State Law Requirements Addressing Language Needs in Health Care (PDF) 

Training and Conferences

Other Related Sites

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